5 Eco friendly, no effort, swaps!

5 Eco friendly, no effort, swaps!

I think we would all love to be more eco friendly, but it’s not always the easiest. Especially for mommas, who have a million things already on their plate they don’t always have the time to do the more eco friendly thing. Or it’s not in their budget, because lets be honest, it can be expensive to pick the more eco friendly.

SO in my hunt to be more eco friendly I am always trying to hunt down ways to always save money and effort. Wherever I can, whenever I can, I do my best to make my life easier and my wallet happy. Okay okay, sometimes I get a little carried away, but these 5 no effort eco friendly swaps are perfect! Save money, save effort and help the environment, all in one right? Who can pass that up?!

Eco Friendly Bees Wrap

If you want to make your own, yes there is a small amount of effort involved in this eco friendly swap. But! You definitely do NOT have to make them yourself, you can buy them instead. Most farmers markets will have them, but if you can’t easily spot them anywhere near you, amazon does have many different options for you. If you do want to make your own, it takes five minutes, check out my tutorial here: http://mindfulmommybear.com/diy-bees-wrap-cheap-and-easy/

The best way that these save money, is that they replace plastic wrap. So not only do you not have to buy plastic wrap anymore, or worry about running out at the worst time, you will spend less on groceries. This is because the beeswax actually help preserve your food better then just normal plastic wrap. My favorite example of this, is that my beeswrap actually keeps my avacados fresh for almost a week longer when they’ve been cut. Which is a pretty big deal considering avacados go bad if you blink too hard at them.

Eco friendly bees wrap

Mason Jars

They last longer then tupperware. That’s the main thing, but not only that, you don’t have to worry about them breaking down. I don’t know if you know this (because I didn’t) but plastic actually starts to break down after a certain amount of uses and those chemicals can contaminate your food.

No, it’s not going to poison you, but it can’t be good to be eating that stuff right? So instead of having to replace your tupperware, mason jars are the perfect alternative to last longer. You can freeze mason jars as well, as long as you leave enough space at the top for expansion when the food inside freezes. I find mason jars easier to clean, but the best part? All the lids fit ALL the jars. For the most part. I lose a weird amount of lids to my tupper ware and spend way too much trying to hunt them down, so having interchangeable lids is weirdly important to me.

You can get flats of 12 from walmart, or amazon, but if you want it to be even cheaper hit up your local thrift store. You can also use your mason jars for so much more then tupper ware.

Need a cup? Mason Jar. Need storage? How about you want to preserve or can something? Maybe you want to warm it up in the microwave or use the dishwasher without worrying it will melt if it gets too hot? You guessed it, mason jar.

If you aren’t comfortable freezing food in your mason jars, you can always look into getting silicone freezer bags.

Dryer Balls

I love these. I love these things so much its out of control. In the summer time I use my clothes line to dry my clothes, but when it’s too cold or rainy, or any other time but the summer I use my dryer like most normal people.

I made the switch to dryer balls after I found some at winners for dirt cheap, and they are worth their weight in gold to me. I do not like spending money on dryer sheets, they are expensive, they get everywhere and half the time I forget them.

Dryer balls are amazing because it’s a one time buy. You can find them for cheaper then a pack of dryer sheets, and they are good for years. The best part? You don’t need a fabric softener if you use these. They beat your clothes into submission, leaving them so incredibly soft its unbelievable. You can also just chuck them into your dryer and forget about them, that’s where they live now.

Eco friendly dryer balls

Eco friendly Silicone Mats

I bought these ones from amazon (no, it’s not an affiliate link) https://www.amazon.com/Last-Confection-Non-Stick-Silicone-Baking/dp/B07CNCZ77R/ref=sr_1_29?keywords=silicone+mats&qid=1560541886&s=gateway&sr=8-29

They replace tinfoil or parchment paper when lining your baking sheets or other pans that live in the oven. Not only do you not have to buy tinfoil or parchment paper again, you also do not have to spray them with oil. Food won’t stick to these. No matter how sticky the food is that your making, it won’t get stuck.

There are so many options for different sizes and shapes, so you can get whatever works best for you or that you will use most. So no more cakes or brownies stuck to the pan. No more chicken wings leaving behind half of the meat when you try to pry them off.

They are also easy to clean, food just wipes right off, then they fold away to store almost anywhere.

Eco friendly silicone mats

Reusable grocery bags/ Make a bag out of an old t-shirt

You may ask, how this saves money. It seems like it wouldn’t, however, most grocery places are now charging for plastic bags, with only 5 cents or 10 cents a bag, usually, it may not seem like it’s costing you much. However, over time, it starts to add up and if you are anything like me, you love saving money wherever you can even if it’s just a little bit. Let’s be real, a coffee is more important then plastic bags. What would you rather buy?

There is a no effort way to this, then a small amount of effort way to do this. Just picking up reusable grocery bags will definitely be the no effort way, since you can get them almost anywhere you shop.

They are usually just a couple of dollars, and the most effort you need to do is remember to keep them in your car. Which can be a challenge, at least for me because I have some real intense mom brain, but I still manage to swing it.

A lot of people use reusable grocery bags, but something not a lot of people consider using them for is produce. When you pick up your produce there are those little plastic bags you can grab to put your food in? Instead of using those, whip out a reusable bag. You’ll be saving a ridiculous amount of plastic.

No Sew Eco friendly T-shirt bag

Here’s the NO SEW DIY Tshirt bag! There is a small amount of effort involved because you do have to make them, but it takes minutes to make, you can grab an old ratty t-shirt from your closet and thats all! Very little effort, and you only have to do it once, so yay!

Start with your tshirt

Start with a t shirt

Cut the sleeves and around the neck line to create your handles.

Cut off the sleeves
Cut off the neck line

Cut one inch slits along the entire hem

Cut in the slits

Double knot together!

Eco friendly t shirt bag

BOOM! Eco friendly reusable t-shirt bag!

That’s all there is to this NO SEW t-shirt bag! So simple! If you are able to, or want to, you can sew the bottom hems together instead of the cut and tie method. Or if you like to crochet you could always crochet some reusable bags. Essentially, whatever your craft level there’s a way to make a bag!

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