8 Things no one tells you about being pregnant

8 Things no one tells you about being pregnant

I didn’t plan on getting pregnant, in fact it was the furthest thing from my mind and if I’m being honest, not something I ever really planned on doing at all. However, surprises happen and surprise! I’m pregnant!

Before I got pregnant, of course I had some ideas of what pregnant life was like, I’ve seen movies, have friends, been to bio class… I figured there are enough books and blogposts in the world that any information I was lacking I would be able to find along the way, with very little effort on my part.

While that has mostly been the case, it has not entirely been the case. There is much pertaining to pregnancy, that sometimes it’s hard to weed through all of the information to find what’s specific to you. Or all the information you are finding is the exact same no matter how many blogs promise “ten things you didn’t know about being pregnant.”

Yes, we are all familiar with the mood swings we know are coming, with morning sickness and with fatigue. Those are all things we’ve heard of many times throughout our lives, but what about the other, lesser known occurrences? The ones that make us ask ourselves, is this normal?

I’m not going to promise an end all, be all list of things everyone will experience. The truth is, every woman and every pregnancy is different. That’s part of why it’s so difficult to always find the answers to your questions, or to find new information on a topic already discussed extensively plus no one wants to give out wrong information and cause accidental harm.

You may have seen all the things in my list before, or maybe just a few, or maybe none at all. I hope there is some new information for you here, no matter the case.

1. You can move easier then you thought when your pregnant

Some of you might disagree with me, but hear me out. Before I got pregnant, I had this weird idea that because of the belly being so large, pregnant women couldn’t do anything involving their abdominal muscles, or any twisting of any sort. While a lot of range of motion is limited by a growing belly, it by no means completely restricts you like I imagined it would. I’m not about to start working on my sit ups, but I thought bending over would be completely out of the question, yet here I am picking up that chocolate I just dropped. Ten second rule always applies to chocolate. I am definitely more restricted as I get bigger, but it’s not the all consuming inability to even turn to the side I imagined it as.


2. Opinions, opinions, opinions! Everyone has one!

Okay, this one isn’t exactly obscure, it’s a pretty common complaint during pregnancy but I never understood the extent of the frustration until I actually had to start dealing with it. It’s not just about opinions either, it’s stories and decisions on your behalf as well. I was reasonably prepared to field the onslaught of mom opinions; like breastfeeding, or no breastfeeding, sleep training or no sleep training. I was not prepared to have everyone around me make decisions on my behalf and completely try to ignore my input. One of the most common examples of this, is people wanting to visit the second I have the baby.

Try as I might to explain that I would like at least a week alone to settle into my new life with my husband and baby, people were telling me I was wrong to want this, and that they would be showing up anyway! Phew, that would get my blood boiling even without pregnancy hormones. The only advice I have on this one, is put your foot down and refuse to budge whether it makes them cranky or not. I know my body, I know my emotions and I definitely know that I will need some time to settle, no matter what anyone else tells me! The other part, has been stories, and not always happy ones.

Birth seems to be the initiation into motherhood that most moms won’t even consider your view on the subject until you, yourself have gone through the process. Which I can understand to a degree, because until you feel it, you can’t completely comprehend it. Never the less, it’s a bit disheartening to have some moms purposely try to be condescending about a new moms views on the process, or even worse, try to scare her.

3. Big belly and bathroom problems!

This one is a bit of too much information one, but it’s also one that took me completely by surprise when I started experiencing it…along with a few other surprises. I know I should have thought of this earlier, and I shouldn’t have been so shocked but it honestly never occurred to me. As your belly gets ridiculously large, attempting to wipe after using the bathroom becomes a gymnastics feat that can leave you out of breath. I have seen some pretty personal information shared when discussing what happens during pregnancy, but this one doesn’t seem to pop up in normal conversation… for good reason but still, here is your forewarning!

4. You don’t notice how pregnant you look!

So on one hand, logically you know your belly is getting bigger. In some cases, you feel round ligament pain in your first trimester, you know its coming. Yet, every time I look in the mirror, I have to do a double take at how large my belly really is. Day to day, I expected to feel my skin stretch but I don’t, I always imagined being acutely aware of my stomach constantly growing, but I don’t notice it until I really stop to think about it. The size of my belly creeps up on me all the time because I just don’t consciously feel it getting larger. I also adjust to it much more easily then I expected I would, along with the other changes weight gain has brought.

5. You can’t breath out of your nose!

This one isn’t true for everyone, and isn’t true all of the time but I’ve had a plugged nose for my entire pregnancy, off and on. You hear about shortness of breath quite frequently, but no one seems to mention that half the time it’s because you can’t breathe out of your nose! It drives my husband crazy, having to listen to me pant out of my mouth when I climb the stairs. It also causes me to snore more, leaving me with dry mouth, but it doesn’t seem to inhibit my ability to smell things that make me nauseated.

6. The pain, oh the pain!

Specifically, hip pain. Because everything is getting looser to prepare for birth, your pelvis is part of the party, becoming wider to push that watermelon out. Some women only feel some minor aches, some feel it in their backs, or legs. I have been experiencing some pretty bad hip pain that if I had to describe it, I would describe it as a Charlie horse to the hip. I can’t lay on either side for long, because the pain becomes unbearable and I have as of yet to find a solution, not even a pillow between my legs has any effect.

It just seems to stem from the weight of my stacked hips overtop of each other, which is unfortunate as I’ve always been a side sleeper and doctors recommend you don’t sleep on your back. Sleeping has become a routine of tossing and turning until you find that perfect position… only to need to move two minutes later.

7. More pain! Surprise! Being pregnant is fun!

This time I’m talking about random, sharp nipple pain. In everything I’ve read, leakage has been mentioned, but the pain has not. It seems to stem from wearing a bra, and the tighter the bra, the more frequent the pain. It’s harmless, it’s due to all the changes and my body getting ready to breastfeed, but the first few times I experienced it, it scared the daylights out of me as I had no prior warning. It doesn’t usually last for longer then a minute or two, but it’s so painful that its distracting and I have to stop whatever I’m doing.

8. Maternity/ nursing clothes are expensive!

For clothing that you really are not going to wear for very long it can get extremely expensive. Even with my eye on sales, on cheaper websites, if you want to get something supportive or comfortable it is expensive. 50 dollars for a nursing bra?! Most of them don’t even have padding, they are essentially bralettes that have clips but they are ridiculously priced.

The best I have found so far is Walmart but only online as their stores don’t carry maternity wear in them. Something else I only found out when I was on the hunt for some much needed pants that would fit. Luckily facebook buy and sell groups usually have some maternity clothes for cheap if you keep your eye open.

And there you have it, my list of 8 things that have stood out the most to me. It’s not exactly a life altering list, but these are all things I wish would have come up earlier so I could have felt more prepared, or at least less terrified.

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