Beeswax Candle, Make yourself!

Beeswax Candle, Make yourself!

I have been on a hunt for a way to keep bugs away from EJ while we are outside without having to use any chemicals, so making a beeswax candle sounded like a great starting point. I made these ones specifically to keep the bugs away, but it would be so easy to make more and swap out the scents. Plus, instead of spending 15 dollars on a handmade candle, for a few dollars I can make my own exactly the scent I want. Why not right?

Ingredients for beeswax candle

  • Beeswax
  • Jar or cup of some kind
  • Candle Wicks
  • Clothespin
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • Additives of your choice (optional. Example: Sage leaves, flowers, glitter, colors)

How to make a beeswax candle

Step One: Get some beeswax! Do you have some left over from making your beeswrap? Cool use that! If you don’t check out your local farmers markets. I do NOT suggest going to a crafting store because they are absolutely ridiculous with their pricing. If you can’t find any local for a reasonable price, head on over to our best friend amazon. I think this one is a great price point if you are going with amazon, and no it’s not an affiliate link.

Stick your beeswax in a metal or glass bowl. Fair warning, if it cools and solidifies in that bowl, you have to reheat it to easily remove it.

Step Two: Get your jars ready for the wax. If you are adding anything into your colors, make sure they are ready to go for you to add them in. Using your clothes pin, pin the wick and position it in your jar. This helps keep it center and upright while the wax dries.

Step three: Using a double boiler method, which is what I prefer, melt your beeswax. You can also melt it in the microwave but it takes longer and I just don’t like it. Totally up to you though.

Step four: Once your wax is melted, if you are adding color now would be the time to add that in. You could also add in your essential oil now and stir it throughout the beeswax. Once that is completed, go ahead and pour it into your jar or cup slowly. Try to max sure your wick stays nice as centered. Fill it as far as what you want.

Step five: If there is anything else you want to top it off with now would be the time before it’s completely dry. I added sage leaves and a couple small flowers on the tops of mine, you can add whatever you’d like but I picked sage leaves just to add the extra punch of mosquito stay away.

Step six: Let dry! That’s it, that’s all! Now you have your candle!

Different scents for your beeswax candle

I made my candles with sage and rosemary because those scents naturally repel mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes. These are specifically to pop onto my deck, where they keep bugs away from me and EJ, but also make wonderful decor.

I’m not a fan of bug spray with all it’s chemicals so I like this as a great alternative.

However! Of course you have make these any scent you’d like. I have a plan to make so many candles with so many different scents, I want a lavender one for my bedroom. A fresh smelling tea tree or lemon grass candle for my cleaning days.

So definitely pick your favorite scents and go where your heart leads you!

Changing colors for your beeswax candles

If you want to change your colors for your candles, a ridiculously cheap and easy way to color your candle wax is with a crayon. Just a simple old crayon that your kid probably has a box of sitting somewhere. Or maybe that pack of three from that restaurant you went to three years ago sitting in the bottom of your diaper bag.

Finally a use for those bad boys besides drawing on your walls. Just melt the crayon into your wax and there you go! Yay! So easy!

Re purpose old china or cups

Another wonderful thing about making your own beeswax candles, is getting to re purpose old china or cups. I have so many little china teacups lying around that I don’t use because in all honesty they are just too small. I like a great big old cup of tea or coffee and those tiny things just don’t cut it.

They are still beautiful however, so I’m so excited to have found a way to use them, display them and get something out of them!

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  1. Nice idea! I’d love to start making my own candles using essential oils as well. So much better than artificial frangrance!

  2. I haven’t made candles in years! You’ve inspired me to make some.

  3. Oh how cool. I used to buy beeswax candles on amazon but it got too expensive. I’ve never made my own before. I didn’t know about using the clothespin. These would also be cute in mason jars!

  4. Going to try this a great way to use a mosquito repellent without too many chemicals. Plus just fun and cute.

  5. Great DIY ideas for making own candles

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