Beginner garden course

Beginner garden course

Why you should start your own garden with my beginner garden course

I created a step by step beginner gardening course to help other people feel like I do when I garden. It’s great for health, its also amazing for your mind, it’s so relaxing and it’s such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Plus it tastes amazing to eat something you grew yourself.

As a stay at home mom I have A LOT of time to listen to podcasts. Mostly because they don’t involve having to actually physically sit still and focus to listen to them. This is because my son has a zero tolerance for mommy being allowed to do such things while he’s awake. Even getting onto the computer for any length of time requires bribes, bribes and more bribes. Along with some one handed typing and one handed toy playing. My computer desk is surrounded by snacks that I can just throw at him when all else fails. Yay momming!

Anyway, because I have so much time to listen, not watch.. not read.. but listen. I get the chance to go through a lot of podcasts, audio books… youtube… spoken word poetry… You get it, I do a lot of listening to things to pretend I’m still a real human being while my child is attempting to pull out my eyebrows. Hey, it works. I’m still sane. Mostly.

After two paragraphs I’m finally getting down to the point here. The point being I have been focusing a lot of my attention on how to become a more sustainable household, not only because it’s good for the environment but it’s healthier for my family and frankly cheaper. One of the biggest things I can do to contribute to being a more sustainable household is growing my own food. This is huge for me because commercially grown food can be super sketchy. This is what first made me want to create this step by step beginner garden course.

I begin my seeds a little earlier then most to get as much as I can from Alberta’s short growing season

You know exactly what you are eating

Little fun fact for you, before most farmers start growing their wheat or grain, they first poison the gophers. Not with any old poison, but one that is so intense that the instructions inform you to remove ALL carcasses that could be effected as any animal that eats the poisoned gopher will die. Yeah. And they just lob that stuff down gopher holes like it’s candy. They then proceed to grow our food right above those lovely poisoned gopher holes. If you ask me, that can’t be good. Just saying.

In my course I hit on what these spots are that you are seeing on the leaves and how to manage them.

Obviously that isn’t true for every single farmer ever, but it just goes to show that we definitely are not fully aware of what the heck is going into our food all the time. So I’m on a journey. A journey to not be apart of this unhealthy consumerism that is attempting to murder us all. Okay I’m being dramatic. You get my point.

You will feel such a sense of accomplishment

Growing my own food, storing my own food, this is something close to my heart. Less money spent on groceries, a task that my son can help me with (he eats the dirt, I attempt to get him to not eat the dirt, fun for everyone) and this means I don’t have to always worry about remembering everything on my grocery list. I can just pop right on downstairs. And when I say it’s organic, I know up and down, it’s organic.

My plants are ready to transplant outside, however I will be moving most of them around the house to add ascent decor as well as being functional for eating.

If you’ve always wanted a garden but you don’t have the space, you live in a tiny apartment or you just don’t know where to start, I have created a FREE step by step beginner garden course to help you get started on your journey to growing your own food. Don’t think you have to go big or go home either, you can start as big or small as your comfortable then work your way up when your ready or when you want to. This is a great way to save money on all those expensive herbs, to have your own fruit or even just to brag to the rest of your family and friends. I do it. Hey, I put a lot of working into not accidentally killing all of my plants. I will brag if I want to.

Why you should take my beginner garden course

Growing your own food has so many benefits in so many ways. Not only saving money, and being healthy. You can compost certain things, such as coffee grounds, eggshells, tea, to add nutrients to your garden. It saves garbage space, while not adding any extra cost to you, weed killers can be entirely organic…

In this course I take you through how to plant, what to plant, how to harvest and store, what to watch for in your plants… I really try to round out the entire experience to make it as straight forward as possible for anyone to create their garden anyway.

Don’t forget to head on over to my beginner garden planning post for even more information!

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