DIY Cleaning solution- Works for EVERYTHING

DIY Cleaning solution- Works for EVERYTHING

Cheap, easy and chemical free cleaning solution!

This DIY cheap easy cleaning solution literally does for everything. It’s chemical free, which is the biggest draw for me since my tiny munchkin likes to touch everything. This means I don’t want to spray chemicals all over my house for him to touch then stick his hands in his mouth. I also have no idea what all those chemicals could be effecting, and I have been absolutely obsessed with trying to make my house as healthy as possible for all of us. Part of that is really paying attention to what passes into my home, no matter what it is.

Not only that, this recipe is SO much more eco friendly then the big commercial cleaners you buy from the grocery store, it’s also cheaper to make. Ridiculously cheap. Instead of needing fifty different kinds of cleaners for all the different surfaces in my house that they market, I have one that is good for pretty much everything.

Let’s not forget, you can change the scents, make it smell however you want. I love changing it up and playing around with the scents, but I still mostly stick to citrus scents because lemon makes me think clean.

So what does this solution do?

Stain remover

I have used this to get red wine out of a white carpet. To remove cat diarrhea when my cat was sick, dog puke… you name it. It gets rid of the smell and cleans it out beautifully.

General cleaner

I used this to clean my counters, my cupboards… it’s my go to cleaner for everything. Literally everything. This easy cleaning solution gets rid of everything I need it to, I can make it in seconds and it doesn’t streak. That I’ve noticed.

Hard water stains

I use this in my shower when I want to get rid of hard water stains, but also the rust that can build up around my taps. Spray it on, then leave for at least ten minutes. I usually go through and spray once, leave it, then spray at least once more to minimize any scrubbing needed, so it all just wipes away. I also use this to clean off my shower head and taps to remove calcium build up.

Kills weeds

I know this is sort of random, but I also use the same concoction (sans essential oils) to kill the weeds in my garden. Its organic, works amazingly and I don’t have to worry at all about it potentially contaminating my garden with chemicals. The only thing I haven’t been able to use it for is to kill off the ant hill living next to my garden.

Before spraying with solution
After spraying with solution (two hours later)

How to make this DIY cleaning solution


Ingredients for cleaning solution
  • Spray bottle
  • Salt (2 tablespoon)
  • Dish soap (1 tablespoon)
  • Vinegar (Fill the spray bottle or dilute)
  • Essential oil


If you are making a weed killer, do not dilute the vinegar with water and you do not need to add essential oils.

If you are cleaning with this concoction, dilute the vinegar by filling half the bottle with vinegar and the rest with warm water. Add your essential oils to mask the vinegar scent and leave your home smelling wonderful.

Let me know how you enjoy this cleaning solution! If you want to take an extra step, and have your house smell even more amazing then soak some orange peels in vinegar for two weeks. Smells like oranges!

If you enjoy find DIY’s check out some of my other fun projects you can easily make yourself like to help keep your food fresher for longer!

Also, head on over to here to read this amazing post on sustainable spring cleaning!

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  1. This is great info for me to keep for the future!

  2. I make my cleaning solution. Vinegar is a great base, but I never thought of adding dawn. This cleaner sounds great. I cannot wait to try it.

  3. We’ve been working on switching to more natural cleaners. So worth it.

  4. I make my own cleaner very similar to this one! I actually just did a post on it as well. Ever since I had my daughter I’ve been trying to avoid any harsh chemicals and fumes. I use my cleaner for EVERYTHING!

  5. I love this! I am definitely going to try this cleaning option. And to think it kills weeds too, thank you for sharing the great post!

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