Melt and Pour Soap DIY

Melt and Pour Soap DIY

First of all, I find I have the hardest time getting the scents that I really want from body wash, or from soap. I can be pretty picky, but not only that, body wash can really start to add up when your thinking about the cost. Sure, soap from a grocery store isn’t too expensive, but once you delve into handmade soaps that have all the fun smells, it starts to get pricey. Making your own melt and pour soap is surprisingly fast, and simple!

So I thought to myself, lets make your own soap! Then I started researching it.. there is so much more to soap making then I imagined especially if you want to make everything completely from scratch, it can also take quite a bit of time. That is a lot of commitment for someone who is just beginning, and just wants to try it out. I’m not willing to throw all the time and money at beginning from scratch until I know if its definitely for me or not. So melt and pour soap, is a great compromise. You get to try out making it for yourself before you commit to the longer process.

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So I continued my search, and came across the melt and pour options. Now, this was more my style, it can take you as little as five minutes to create, all told and you really don’t need a bunch of expensive add ins to get what you desire. The awesome thing about it, is you have SO many options.

The Base for Melt and pour soap is essential

There are a few different options for bases, such as goats milk, olive oil… you can really start to customize your soap to your skin care needs ~ which is amazing given how individual your skin care needs can be. I usually get a goats milk soap base, that you can get shipped right to your door with amazon. This one is the one that I use, I absolutely adore it. This brand also has multiple other kinds of soap bases, and of course, there are other sites or stores to buy soap bases from.

The Scents

There are so many different options for what scents you want from your soap and how to create them. Love exfoliating? Add some coffee! Dry, irritated skin? Throw in some oatmeal! A lot of the ingredients you use can be pulled right out of your cupboards with no extra shopping trips necessary, unless of course your after that ONE thing that you just don’t happen to currently have in the house. You don’t need essential oils, but if you have some on hand, or your favorite one, definitely add it in!


There are so many additives for not only scent, but for your skin, exfoliating… really the sky is the limit for what you can do.

Actually making melt and pour soap

Honestly, it’s so simple. Cut up your desired amount from the base, nuke it in the microwave (follow the instructions on the packaging… there’s a slight chance I completely burned mine the first time I made it…) then add in whatever it is you like! It’s as simple as that! If you want to use some fancy silicone molds, definitely go for it. If not, a muffin pan, with those little paper muffin cup thingies, work just as well!


It only takes a few minutes to completely solidify, and BOOM! Homemade soap you can enjoy. It’s such a simple process, and depending on how large you make the bars, they can last for quite awhile. On top of that, it’s SO easy for travel! Especially if you’re going camping, because lets be real, lugging around bodywash that spills at the most inopportune time is just a hassle.

rosemary, citrus and tea tree soap I made for my husband

Make one each for your kids, a special one for yourself, and it’s a fun little project for you to make with your tiny’s. They will love having their own little soap they can custom make for themselves, that really doesn’t cost you much at all to do!
Here’s an example of one that I made for my husband that he absolutely adores:

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