DIY wooden wall decor| Fast, cheap, easy!

DIY wooden wall decor| Fast, cheap, easy!

I love my garden. I love gardening. You know what I don’t love? Trying to remember what I planted and where. Yes, yes I know what you are going to say. Use row markers! Which is a wonderful idea except between the animals I own, the wild life, and my friend Francis the turkey (who hasn’t accepted my friendship yet, but I have faith) they markers are too much of an enticement to be left to their own accord.

Seriously, I love my animals but if there is something they can get into, you bet your bottom dollar they will get into it. Which is why my husband has to build a fence surrounding my garden out of elk wire. To keep ALL the creatures away. But that doesn’t leave a lot of extra space for markers, and even if there was, the animal problem might be solved but what about the weather problem? I live in the mountains, so when it rains, it POURS but like… with wind. I’m talking 100 km winds some days, its pretty dang intense. You show me a garden marker that can hold it’s own against that kind of wind and I”ll kiss you on the nose then immediately buy them. Until then however, here is my solution!

It’s a pretty simple one, and I’m not exactly the craft master but I think it turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself. At least it looks a heck of a lot better then I expected it to. I got the idea from seeing those little hanging wooden calendars, have you seen them? They are absolutely adorable and a wonderful idea to remember family birthdays and such. So I thought, why not try to create something similar for my garden?

Lets jump in!

My hodge podge of materials

Building your hanging row marker

  1. Gather your materials!

    When I said it will be fast and cheap, I wasn’t exaggerating. I just grabbed what was lying around my house that would work. If you don’t have some of these, no worries! They are all at your local wal-mart and super inexpensive.
    ~Clothes pins
    ~Paints or paint makers- or both if you happen to have both
    ~Colored marker
    ~String or yarn
    ~Piece of flatish wood
    ~Nails and a hammer
    ~Paintbrushes (I used old makeup brushes I bought from wish)

  2. Paint your wood!

    Paint for flatish piece of wood your preferred color, along with your clothespins.

  3. Label your clothespins

    Once your clothespins are dry, label them with the plants you are planning on growing. Or just every plant you can think of, or whatever you want! The clothespins are your oyster!

  4. Label your flatish piece of wood

    By now your bigger flat piece of wood should be dry, so bring out your inner artist and paint whatever title you want on it. I went simple with just ‘my garden’ but obviously you can go with whatever your want.

  5. Measure your yarn

    Next up, decide how long you want your yarn to be, this is what will be hanging down from the wood.
    Also decide how many you will need. I tied a knot in the top and bottoms of my strings, then nailed them to my wood by nailing right through the top knot I had created.

  6. Ta-da!

    That is essentially it. You have created your own beautiful row marker you can hang anywhere you choose! I used another couple pieces of string to create loops from which to hang it with by nailing through the knots again to the wood so it was secure.

Mine is hanging right by the front door where I have a nice view of where my garden is, so I can be reminded of what is growing where when I look out my door. I have all the extra pins set aside for the veggies I’m not currently growing, awaiting their turn for when they will be added to the garden.

I wouldn’t say it’s a picasso, but I enjoy the simplicity of it, the rusticness it brings to my living room. I hope you enjoy it too! Please send me pictures if you create your own, I would love to see them!

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