Growing herbs is easier then you think!

Growing herbs is easier then you think!

Growing your own herbs is so much easier then you know

Before I started really gardening, I had no idea how anything worked. Honestly I was so clueless, it’s no wonder my first two years were a complete disaster. However, even having no idea how gardening worked, I always had this notion that growing herbs would be too hard to even attempt.

Spoiler: I was wrong.

Why you should start growing herbs

Let’s chit chat about why growing herbs is such a wonderful idea for you. Let’s also debunk some excuses or myths while we are here.

  1. It will take to much space. Nopers my soon to be green thumbed friends! I have one small window that has enough sunlight throughout the day for my herbs to grow, and they are all hanging out in front of it hardly taking up any space. Just to make it even better, I’ve added my plants as decor around my house by crocheting little baskets and hanging them in front of my window. Two birds one stone.Pretty house decor on the cheap, with delicious herbs… on the cheap.
  2. It’s HARD. Again, wrongo friendo! Honestly, herbs do not involve nearly as much babying as the vast majority of veggies I spend my time growing. As long as they are getting enough water, and they are getting sunlight, boom. That’s essentially all there is to it.
  3. It’s expensive to start your own little indoor garden. I’m going to go ahead and tell you all my secrets to make it as inexpensive as possible. Always check out some local garage sales – you never know what you will find on the cheap. Re purpose whatever you can into a potter, it doesn’t need to be all fancy. Make your own potting soil, or get a cheap bag from walmart. You don’t need that giant stupidly fancy potting soil, it won’t make your herbs grow any better.
My indoor herbs

Growing your own herbs will save you so much money in the long run. Check out my post on how to harvest and dry your herbs so that you can have a back up supply constantly at the ready. You can keep your little herb growing all year round in your home, and never need to buy them again. Pretty nifty. Plus the taste is so much better. Your practically a professional chef now.

Hanging plants creates more space

How to grow your herbs

The beautiful thing about herbs, is you can keep them small. So whatever pot size is most convenient for you, that’s what you can go with. Just harvest or prune more often to keep the plants as the size you want to work best for you. Plucking a few leaves as you need them before dinner, or harvesting big bundles to dry and store. Whatever floats your boat, either way it will taste remarkably better then what you can buy from most stores. It will also be obviously more fresh.

Grab your potting soil, grab your pots and lets go!

  1. Fill your pots to the brim with loosely packed potting soil. Don’t worry, as you water it, the soil will pack down and leave more space at the top.
  2. Grab your herb seeds, and I would suggest one kind to a pot. Don’t go mixing all your herbs together, unless your gardening outside or have a giant pot. Even then, you will probably have more luck keep them separated to their own little homes. Sprinkle a few throughout your soil. Don’t go crazy or you will have more sprouts then you can handle.
  3. Water with a gentle mist or very lightly with a water can so as not to drown your seeds.

Because herb seeds are just so very tiny, I would not suggest covering them with any dirt, as the watering will help sink the seeds into the top of the soil. This gives them an easier time sprouting because they don’t have to fight so hard to poke themselves into the sunlight.

Maintain your herbs

Make sure you water twice daily, with a gentle mist or very lightly. You want your herbs to get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day, and it will take about 14 days to see some sprouts. That differs, you might see them a bit earlier, or even a bit later. So don’t panic if they don’t pop up exactly on time.

As your herbs get bigger, they will need more water. Don’t worry, at least 6 hours of sunlight is still perfect, you also want to adjust how much you water depending on if you are growing them inside or outside. If you are growing outside, one days that are extremely hot and dry, they will need some extra water. However, if you keep them inside, then you don’t have to worry about differing climates changing how much water is needed for your little herbs.

Other then harvesting and drying or storing this is essentially it! Plus, now when you get home from groceries after wrangling your children and forgetting at least half the stuff you went there for, you don’t have to panic. You got your herbs right here. Who needs chicken when you have fresh basil? Just eat the homemade pesto… Actually don’t do that. But if you forgot the pesto, hey, you got fresh basil to make your own!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I can use all the help I can get keeping my plants alive.

  2. I love this. My daughter has wanted to grow herbs for a long time. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  3. Growing herbs is such a great idea! I started an herb garden a few years ago at our old house. I didn’t keep up with the watering. Everything died except the rosemary – that rosemary became a bush! My husband got me a hydroponics kit for herbs that I still have to set up – you have inspired me!

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