Tips to survive the first trimester

Tips to survive the first trimester

I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant, so just over six months and just over half way through my second trimester. Half way done! I’m counting down the days until I am no longer waddling…

This is only my first pregnancy so I’m no expert but I definitely found I was hitting a lot of the checkmarks on the first trimester symptoms. Definitely not as intense as some women have it, but I was pretty miserable my first trimester, getting out of bed was pretty much like attempting to climb a mountain in flip flops. While eating handfuls of pine cones. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but seriously, whoever thought that women were the weaker sex needs to go through pregnancy. And childbirth. And trying to shave in a very small shower.

These are some tips I used for handling the first trimester:

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, everything hit me like a ton of bricks. In all fairness I had already started feeling some symptoms but I hadn’t placed two and two together yet because I wasn’t expecting it. I found out when I was four weeks along, pretty dang early for someone not anticipating it and I’ve never been that in tuned with my body, for the most part. So I was pretty shocked with myself for catching on as early as I did, little high five to me.

Fatigue Oh the fatigue

Immediately I was fatigued, not just tired, but like a bus had run over me, then backed up to finish the job. Yes, I’ve heard all the stories of “You’ll know when your pregnant because the exhaustion is something completely different.” I scoffed at the idea, as someone with both insomnia and someone that has worked shift work, I assumed it would feel just like working an 18 hour shift. No. Not at all. For the first three months of my pregnancy I didn’t exist.

Zombie’s would have had more energy then me at that point. I would come home from work and hardly recall what I did at all that day because I constantly felt like I was walking through a fog. A very thick, heavy, fog.

~Drinking copious amounts of tea. So much tea. I found that the hand to mouth movement of drinking coffee helped keep me some semblance of conscious but I couldn’t just chug the whole coffee pot like I wanted, so I stocked up on tea. Caffeinated in the morning, then I would switch to decaf or herbal teas after that, still with sugar of course

~Crunchy foods. Just like with the hand to mouth movement of drinking, munching also helped keep me awake. The crunchier the better, bonus points if it was cold. You should have seen my work desk. Grapes, popcorn, cornnuts, celery, pretzels… I was basically a snack vendor at one point with the amount of goodies I was hiding.


Along with the exhaustion I got the other favorite symptom: Nausea.
It wasn’t as bad as some mothers I’ve read have experienced, and it was better then what my best friend experienced in her pregnancy. I don’t envy the women that get really intense morning sickness, although thats the worst name for it. Mornings were the only times I felt capable of eating something, my ‘morning’ sickness would hit close to noon, then hung around to stay for the rest of the day.

~Ask your doctor for help. A lot of women think it has to get really bad before their doctor will give them something to help, and maybe thats true for some doctors but don’t be afraid to ask. I asked right away because there was no chance of me quietly putting up with nausea. I’m a big baby when it comes to puking.

~Lemon water. So much lemon water. The colder the better.

~Cold foods. I couldn’t get anything that was even remotely warmed up to stay in my stomach. So I live off of cold, crunchy foods. Fruits, veggies. Mostly yogurt though if I’m being honest. I would take those little yogurt cups and freeze them, then eat it like frozen yogurt. Delicious.

Dry Skin

My skin has always been dry, but once I got pregnant it became a little ridiculous just how dry it became. I had never really had a daily routine with my skin because I was too lazy to pay enough attention to it, but it became mandatory once my skin started looking like I was constantly scratching it, or living in a sun burnt state.

Did you know there are certain types of face moisturizers you can’t use when pregnant?
Same with cleansers… pretty much any sort of product you use on yourself you have to be even more careful of. I had no idea. I mean, I know its not good to inhale hairspray, and that natural is definitely better, but I had no idea there were so many restrictions on what is safe to use on your body while pregnant. So there’s a good heads up for you, once you become pregnant read the ingredients on everything very carefully to make sure it’s not harmful to you or baby.

I went with micellar water, and a water based hydrating moisturizer. What I’ve actually have found now that I wish I had then, was rose hip oil from The Ordinary company. It works miracles on dry skin and it’s completely vegan, organic and great for you. If it suits your skin type, definitely do your research to make sure it’s right for you but if it is I 100% recommend it.

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